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Main Game Specs:
- 3-5 Players/Prisoners
- 4-6 Hours
- No Dice No Masters 
- Additional 1-Player SOLO & 2-Player VERSUS modes in the appendix
This roleplaying game contains dangerous levels of dystopian science fiction, social allegory, and psychological drama.
Influenced by fiction in the vein of The Prisoner, Stalker, and Utopia, and real struggles against mass surveillance, the Hostile Environment, and the alienating effects of capitalism.
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Get this game and 642 more for $10.00 USD
View bundle
Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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BE SEEING YOU Spreads.pdf 25 MB
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Main Game Central Play Aid.pdf 3.9 MB
Main Game Roatating Play Aids.pdf 280 kB
Solo Game Play Aid.pdf 3.3 MB
Versus Game Play Aid.pdf 20 MB
BE SEEING YOU - ePub.epub 15 kB
BE SEEING YOU - Rich Text.rtf 1.4 MB

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Think you

You're welcome!


Here's our recent playthrough (the 1st of 2 sessions).

As well as matching Mario's comments below, I also felt that even for those of us familiar with The Prisoner, we had more than enough room to make the game our own. 


And the second session we played just piled on the awesome. I think everyone knocked this out of the park!


OMG! I'm really excited to see where you all took things! Thanks for giving my game a shot!


I just played the first session of a two part series (online) and I love this game. Without knowing the prisoner tv show and thanks to our facilitator we created this strange and passiv agressive little town. We probably had a bit more of a writers room aproach in section A and C of the episodes but that helpt me to envision the consequences of what we saw and made it feel more threatening I feel. Thank you for this game it's an absolute gem.


Amazing stuff! And thank you for playing and letting me know how it's all going. I'm super excited to hear how the second part goes. If you are in the UK and want a physical copy, most shops which stock board games and other friendly local game stores can order it (just let them know it is available on via Spiral Galaxy).

Also, if you liked BE SEEING YOU and enjoy surreal science fiction, I'll shortly be releasing a playtest version of a new game. The Connection Machine is about trauma and connection with the premise exploring four-dimensional space. Think Hypercube, Quantum Leap, What Dreams May Come and The Body Holds The Score. Watch this space!


A chance to explore the concepts of freedom, individuality, surveillance and compliance, within a framed conversation.  This in full lets each person have a chance at each role, and space to decompress and explore how you felt. With also some options around playing in a pair or alone.

These thought experiments allow space to get to know ones self better and think through what is going on around us.

Well worth a look.


I haven't bought it (yet), but just the fact that prisoner is still alive in hearts and minds of people made me happy :]


If you have the ability, you can grab it as part of the Bundle for Reproductive Justice, happening right now!